Chore Checklist User Guide(iPhone & iPad)

May 1, 2013 at 6:52 PMAdministrator

Chore Checklist helps you to manage multiple lists of chores at home or other places. It records chores' completion date and calculate next due date based on your preference. You can also set a reminder for each chore. It comes with a pre-loaded check list which has routines, such as "Daily Routine", "Weekly Routine", "Monthly Routine" and etc. You may edit them or add new routine/chores. Chore Checklist offers following two optional paid modules:

  • Chore Checklist cloud connector (US$4.99) To purchase the feature, click the menu button in the top navigation bar, select "cloud" and then select "Manage Cloud"
    1. Edit lists using web browsers on any devices such as desktops and latoptops. Notice, you can still create and edit multiple lists from within the free version of the application. However, the web interface provides more efficient editing experience.
    2. Sync and operate on the same list from multiple devices.
    3. Backup lists on our cloud server.
  • Chore Checklist advanced features.(US$1.99) To purchase the feature,click the menu button in the top navigation bar and then select "Due Date View" menu.
    1. Schedule chores based on day patterns. For example, you can schedule a chore to occur at every Monday and Friday.
    2. Aggregate chores from multiple lists in one screen and display them in the order of their due dates.
How to
  • Add/Rename/Delete a list

    In "Routine" view, click the menu button in the top navigation bar. Select "Manage Lists". You can rename or delete the current list or add a new list. Click "switch list" to select another list as the current list.

  • Add a Routine

    Click on "+ Routine" button on the right of the navigation bar. You can enter frequency which is how often you want to do the chores under this routine. For example, you can set the routine as every 2 days, every 2 weeks, every 3 months and etc.

  • Edit a Routine

    Click the edit image button at the very right of the routine's row.

  • Delete a Routine

    Press and hold on the routine's name then select "Delete" from pop-up menu.

  • Add a Chore

    Press and hold on the chore's name of a routine and then select "+ Chore" from pop-up menu.

  • Edit a Chore

    Click the chore's name or the "edit" image button of the chore. You can edit its name, notes, progress and etc.If you enter notes for the chore, the list view will display the notes in the chore's row.If its progress is set, the list view will display the percentage of the progress in the chore's row.

  • Delete a Chore

    Press and hold on the chore's name then select "Delete" from pop-up menu.

  • Complete/Skip a Chore

    When check off a daily chore, the completion date will be set to today. When check off non-daily chore, a date selection window will pop up for you to enter its completion date.If a chore has passed its due date, you can choose to skip the chore instead of completing it. Tap and hold on the chore's name and then select "Skip" from popup menu. It will re-calculate the next due date without changing the completion date.

  • Day Patterns for a Chore

    For chores under daily routine, you can set which days of week the chores need to be done. For example, you can choose only the weekdays or weekends, etc.The day pattern will be displayed on the list view when it is set.

  • Set Reminder for Chores

    For chores under daily routine, you can set the reminder to a specific time of a day. It will automatically repeat daily. For other routines, the reminder will be set relative to the due date or a specific time on the due date. It will not repeat until you complete/skip the chore. A clock icon will show in front of a chore's name when a chore has reminder set up.

  • Re-Order Chores/Routines of a list

    Press and hold on the list's name in the navigation bar and then select "Sort" from popup menu. To sort routines, click the "sort routines" button at the left of the navigation bar.

  • Automatic Reset

    Daily routine will be reset daily. That is if you checked some items today, they will be unchecked tomorrow automatically. Other routines' checkboxes will be unchecked at the half way towards the next due date.