Chore Checklist

Do your daily chores make you feel dreadful? Do you find yourself always forget when was the last time you changed the filter in the basement? Then this is the app for you! Chore Checklist helps you to manage chores at home or other places. When you check off a chore, it records the chore’s completion date and automatically calculate next due date based on your preference. You can also set reminder for each chore. [more]


Packing List

Packing List helps you to create and maintain packing lists. It not only lets user to create a list from scratch, but also allows you to generate lists from an existing one. This application comes with a pre-loaded packing master list. You can simply check the categories/ items for their trip, click on “Generate List” menu item and you will have a packing list ready in no time. [more]


Grocery Helper

Grocery Helper helps you to easily manage your groceries and shopping list. It comes with pre-loaded grocery lists which can be easily customized. It allows you to generate shopping list while checking your inventory. And then update inventory when you done shopping. [more]



My Party Planner

My Party Planner helps you to plan parties and events. It has five sections: "TO DO", "Guest", "Menu", "Shopping" and "Budget" in addition to general information. It automatically sorts TO DOs by due date/time. It allows you to import guests from contacts on your phone and manage RSVPs. User can search recipes on the Internet and save the url for future reference. While planning the menu, user can enter to-do and shopping items for a specific dish. So on the to-do list or shopping List, user can easily see which dish the item is for. [more]


Travel Phrases

Travel Phrase – French and Travel Phrases – Italian help you to learn and practice basic survival phrase for travel. Not only it has more than 120 useful phrases, but it also allows you to edit and add your own. It uses Text-To-Speech technology to provide pronunciation for each phrase. [more]