● How to sync lists between devices using the same account?

August 12, 2013 at 10:55 AMAdministrator

This FAQ is about how to sync lists using the same account. If you want to know how to share lists between different accounts, please watch this video tutorial.

To sync lists between devices, you need to purchase and install full/paid version and Cloud Connector/Sync Provider on both devices. You don't have to purchase different copies if you use the same Google Play account. (If you still see the purchase prompt after installing the Cloud Connector/Sync Provider, kill and restart the app or reboot your phone.)

After making sure everything is installed, go to www.dotnetideas.com from your desktop. Click on “login/sign up” button on the top right corner. Then click on “Sign up now” link and follow the instruction to register.

You can also register from the app. Please following the steps below:

  • Click on “Menu”->”Sync List”
  • Click on “Login/Register”
  • Click on “Register” button
  • Follow the instruction to register

After the registration, you should be able to upload your list from one device by clicking on “Menu”->”Sync List”->”Sync/Upload List”. Then from the other device, click on “Menu”->”Sync List”->”Download List” to download that list. It will prompt you to enter your member id/password if you haven't login from the device.

There is a “Auto-Sync” feature which allows the app to automatically sync whenever you open/close the app. You can enable/disable it for lists by clicking on “Menu”->”Sync List”->”Enable Auto-Sync For Lists”.

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