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GroceryHelper_512Grocery Helper helps you easily manage your groceries and shopping list. Not only it comes with pre-loaded customizable inventory list, it also allows you to quickly generate/update shopping list from the inventory list. You can group items by location or store, record price history and update inventory list after done shopping. With Grocery Helper Sync Provider, you can sync/share lists between devices and users.



Key features include: inventory

Clear and fast inventory with visual indicators

Pre-loaded grocery lists include hundreds of common items. You can easily customize them to your needs. 

Inventory level icons give you visualized indication of how much each item is left. Doing inventory is so simple. You just click on the icon and choose the level from a popup

Group by location or store to make checking inventory and shopping easier



Quick and simple shopping list generation

Creating shopping list can never be easier. While doing your inventory, just check the items you want to add to shopping list and click on “Generate Shopping List”. Or you can quickly select all items which stock level is under certain percentage (e.g. 25%, 50%) to generate Shopping List for them.


Update inventory lists from shopping list

While shopping, you can check the items and enter the price for them. Then when you are done shopping, you can click on “Update Inventory List”. All the selected items will be updated in inventory list and quantity will be calculated based on the remaining and shopping quantity.




ID-100192399_thumb1Syncing/sharing lists between devices and users(Discontinued)

This feature has been discontinued. Please check our redesigned app - Meal Planner.




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Please check the latest release notes here:

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