Packing List Release Notes(Android)

November 11, 2013 at 12:48 PMAdministrator

2/23/2014 - V4.0.1

  • Change data storage location to application own storage
  • Add local "Backup and Restore"
  • Add "Mass Change" in "Group By Luggage/Location" view
  • Allow edit list detail in list detail view
  • Allow check weather in list detail view (full version)
  • Other bug fixes and improvement

8/15/2014 V3.3.3

  • Fix bug in entering unit/total weight when total weight is less than 1 lb
  • Add "undo" bar when check items in "Hide Checked Items" mode
  • Add quick change of location/luggage in "Group By Location/Luggage" view
  • Other bug fixes and improvement

7/9/2014 V3.3.0

  • Allow user to customize color of checked items
  • Fix bug with shortcut not opening the correct list
  • Fix bug with items not staying sorted in group by location/luggage
  • Ignore case when sort alphabetically
  • Add more options in Settings to improve usability
  • Other bug fixes

3/14/2014 - V3.2.4

  • Fix "Menu" not available in Tablet with Honeycomb issue
  • Fix issue in sort manually
  • Add master list in Russian and German
  • Other bug fixes

1/27/2014 - V3.2.3

  • Add new languages - Russian and German
  • Separate drag/drop re-ordering to its own mode. It is under "Sort Manually" now
  • Recompile for latest Android OS
  • Allow insert item before an item

Full version:

  • Allow user to choose dark or light theme(Android 3.0+)

11/11/2013 Version 3.2.0

  • Move "Generate List" to "Mass Change" panel
  • Allow user to enable lists for auto-sync(full version only)
  • Add unit weight and auto-calculate total weight based on unit weight and quantity
  • Allow item editing in group by location/luggage view
  • Add "Active" indicator for items and allow user to hide inactive items
  • Add luggage weight
  • Add display of total/packed weight on category and list
  • Fix list syncing issue when there is apostrophe in list name
  • Other bug fixes and improvement

09/08/2012 - Version 3.1.3

  • Fix issue with closing a list while in "Mass Change" mode

09/05/2012 - Version 3.1.2

  • Fix syncing issue for lists with weight (Full version only)

07/02/2012 - Version 3.1.1

  • Fix lists upload issue
  • Fix "Check Weather" issue
  • Other minor fixes

06/18/2012 - Version 3.1.0

  • Add destination, departure/return date and notes to list and sort lists by departure date
  • Add "Mass Change" mode which allow user to check items separately for mass change. Doing mass change will not mess checked items for packing anymore.
  • Lite version has full access to "Mass Change" now
  • Other minor bug fixes

Full version only:

  • Quick quantity editing
  • Allow user to check weather for destinations (need Internet connection)
  • List syncing and sharing (separate purchase of Packing List Cloud Connector is required)

3/28/2012 V3.0.4

  • Fix "Force Close" bug in group by luggage

9/19/2011 V3.0.3

7/28/2011 v3.0.2

  • Fix "Force Close" bugs in starting and other places
  • Allow adding shortcuts for particular list to home screen
  • Other improvement and bug fixes

5/23/2011 v3.0.1

  • Fix bug in "Add items to existing list"

5/14/2011 v3.0.0

  • Add new home screen displaying lists' name along with their last modified date, the count of the packed items and percentage.
  • Add more settings to allow user to customize the background/text colors (full version only)
  • Allow user to edit items in Group by Location/Luggage mode
  • Add weight field to items. When group by luggage, the total weight will be calculated and displayed next to each luggage. User can choose to use "English Units" or "Metric" system in Settings.
  • Add more mass changes in full version. Now you can copy and move multiple items between categories or delete them.
  • Add mass change location/luggage in Group by Location/Luggage mode
  • Add "Search" functionality
  • Add sort by packed items
  • Other minor enhancement and bug fixes

2/23/2011 v2.2.3

  • Add notes for both categories and items
  • Show unpacked items only

1/25/2011 v2.2.2

Allow application to be installed on SD card

10/25/2010 Version 2.2: Fix bugs with adding new items

10/17/2010 Version 2.1 update:

  • Add luggage
  • Allow re-order list by drag/drop items
  • Add mass change (paid version only)
  • Add help

8/22/2010 Added "Packing List - Full" as paid version. Right now it is as same as the "Packing List" except it doesn't have Google Ads. We are planning on adding more paid version only features to it soon.

8/19/2010 Version 2.0 update:

  • Allow group by locations
  • Add “Settings” in menu so user can choose between using icon or text for location.
  • Fix rename list bug
  • Add Google ads to keep this app free to the users

6/18/2010 Version 1.9 update:

  • Add alphabetical sorting
  • Allow user to send list by email, text message and etc.

6/6/2010 Version 1.8 update:

  • Minor bug fix

4/28/2010 Version 1.7 update:

  • Allow user to delete pre-loaded packing master list.

4/26/2010 Version 1.6 update:

  • Allow user to add/edit/delete locations.

3/15/2010 Version 1.5 update:

  • Fixed the “Forced close” issue when entering special character, such as ä.

3/19/2010 Version 1.4 update:

  • Allow user to select items from a list and then add them to another existing list
  • Add cross line when mark off things
  • Auto select all when click on quantity for easy editing

3/2/2010 Version 1.3 update:

  • Fixed a major bug with quantity field which caused most of the “force close” issue. (If you were using previous version and if you have changed any quantity to a number other than 1, you may need to reset it. Sorry for the inconvenience)
  • Fixed bugs with “Generate List”
  • Add copy/paste

2/6/2010 Version 1.2 update:

  • Changed the UI to use expandable list so user can see the whole list in one view
  • Add location to item and use icon for easy identifying
  • Use color and count on category to notify checked items