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July 1, 2022 at 2:48 PMAdministrator

We are re-writing the Packing List app for Android, iOS and the web. The app will have unified interface throughout all the platforms.Currently the web browser based app is in beta testing. Here is the user guide.


Create New List

To create a new, click the image icon from the Home view. It will open the list header view and allow you to enter the name, notes, departure/return date, destination and flight info.


To see the options for a list, swipe the list name to the left. There are options for editing the list header, checking flight info/ weather, deleting the list or sharing the list. We will explain the list sharing feature later in this guide.


Add New Item

Once a list is created, it will automatically open the list detail view. You can start adding items by clicking on the 3 dots menu icon and then “New Item” from the popup menu.

image  image

Name and category are required fields. You can select a category from the drop down or add a new one by clicking on the “+” icon on the right.

Edit Items

To edit an existing item, swipe the item name to the left. There are options to edit the item, make the item active/inactive and delete the item.


Assign Luggage

A new feature introduced in this new app is now it allow nested luggage. You can add luggage containing other luggage. You will have a master list of your luggage. Then each packing list will have its own set of luggage. To edit the master luggage list, see the “Edit Metadata” section.

To assign luggage to a list, click on the 3 dots menu icon and then “Edit Luggage” from the popup menu. You can add a luggage from the master list, rename a luggage, add a nested luggage, delete or swap with another luggage. You can move a nested luggage from one parent to another or add one luggage to another by drag/drop the luggage from its original location to its new parent.

image   image

Edit Metadata

To edit metadata such as the categories, luggage and locations, click on the image on the top left and then select “Metadata” from the menu. Then you can choose the metadata type from the drop down and start editing them. If you delete a metadata, the value will be cleared from all the items associated with that metadata.

image  image

Mass Change

To make changes on multiple items, click on the 3 dots menu icon and then “Mass Change” from the popup menu. It will open the Mass Change view. You will select the items you want to change, then click on the icon on the top right to entered the values. You can also delete multiple items from this view by clicking on the “trash bin” icon on the top right.

image  image

Backup and Restore(or Migration)

To backup and restore a list, click on the image on the top left and then select “Backup & Restore” from the menu. If you run the app in a browser, the app will backup your list to the local storage in your browser. You won’t be able to choose the location. If you run the app on an Android device, the app will allow you to select the file folders you want to save the lists to.

On an Android device, if you have the previous Packing List app(lite or full) installed, the new app will show the button “Migrate From Packing List” to allow you to migrate your lists from those apps.

image  image


Contact Us

Packing List 2 is currently in beta testing. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or feedback. Thank you!

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