Baking Planner User Guide(In-development)

June 2, 2009 at 2:15 PMAdministrator

Baking Planner helps you plan and organize holiday cookie baking or other baking event. It let you to store your favorite recipes, choose containers, add recipients and schedule your baking days. It automatically calculate how many baking goods you need to make based on the content in each container and recipients assignment. The "Ingredient" view gives you a quick overview on how many ingredient you need and you can quickly turn it into a shopping list. Key features include:

  • Manage and store your favorite recipes
  • Add what kind of containers will be used and how many goodies each container will have.
  • Add recipients and assign container to them. You can also set which date the recipient will receive the treats.
  • Schedule baking days and calculate the scheduled and remaining quantity
  • Display ingredient list with quantity for easy planning


User Guide

Manage Recipes


Enter Recipes

To enter master recipes, click on "Menu"->"Recipes" to open the Recipe List view. Click on "+" floating button at bottom of the screen. Enter name, notes, ingredients, instructions and more.


Delete Recipe and Export Recipe

To delete a recipe, press and swipe a recipe to the left. Then click on the “trash bin” icon.

To export a recipe to device’s storage, press and swipe a recipe to the left. Then click on “share” icon.


Import Recipe and Re-load Master Recipes


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