Packing List User Guide(Windows Phone 7)

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Packing List helps you to create and maintain packing lists.  It not only lets user to create a list from scratch but also allows you to generate lists from an existing one.  This application comes with a pre-loaded packing master list. You can simply check the items on the master list and then click on the “Generate List” menu item and you will have a packing list ready in no time. 

Items are grouped in categories. Each item has a quantity, a location and  a luggage attribute. The mass change feature allows you to update lists more easily. 

There are three views, "All Items", "Unchecked Items" and "Lists & Cloud".  Use "All Items" view to edit the contents of lists; "Unchecked Items" view is more convenient for checking items; "Lists & Cloud" view is designed to collaborate lists between local devices and Cloud.  

Expand Menu

Clicking the "..." at right-bottom corner will display the list of Menu options.

Create an New List directly on Mobile Device

To create a new blank list, select the "New List” menu item and enter the name
of the list. 
To generate a list from an existing one, open the existing list, check the items you want and select the "Generate List" menu item. 
If you want to duplicate a list, select the "Check All" menu item to select all the items and then select the "Generate List" menu item. 

Switch to a different list

You can maintain multiple lists with the application. To switch to a different list, tap on the name of the list. The screen with the names of all the lists opens. Tapping one of the lists will with to the list.

Delete/Rename a List

Switch to the list and the select the "Delete list"/"Rename list" menu item.

Add Items to an existing list

Check the items to add. Select the "add items to existing list" menu item and
then select the target list to add.

Create/Edit a List on desktop and download it to your Mobile Device 

Step 1:  On a desktop or tablet, start a web browser and go to and register with your email address. After logging in to with your email, select the "packing list editor" on the left menu to start editing an new packing list. After finishing editing, click the "save list" button, enter the name of the list and then click the "OK" button. 

Step 2: On your mobile device, swipe and go to the "Lists & Cloud" view. Log in to Cloud if you have not done so. Locate the list you just created in the "List(s) in Cloud only" category and then click the download button. If there is already a list with the same name on your local device,  the name will appears in the "List(s) in Device & Cloud" category.   

From this point on, you can edit the list either on your device or in a web browser. You can synchroize the changes to the list between your device and the cloud server.

Share a list with a friend so he/she can collaborate on the list

Select the "cloud" button or menu item and log in if necessary. Select the "Share with a friend" option and then enter the email of your friend.  (If there is no "Share with a friend" option, click "Sync/Upload with/to Cloud" to upload the list to cloud first.) You friend will receive an email notification with the instruction on how to share the list.

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