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Do you feel like you forget something every time you pack for a trip?


Do you find yourself dread creating packing list again and again for different trips?




Try stress-free packing with Packing List


Packing List app helps you create and maintain packing lists with ease. It not only lets user to create a list from scratch, but more importantly it also allows you to generate lists from an existing one. It has the following key features:






Easy list creation and editing

This application comes with a pre-loaded packing master list. You can simply generate new lists from this master list or any lists you created in no time.

It supports multiple lists. So you can create one for your business trip, another one for camping trip and another one for beach vacation and so on.

Items grouped by categories by default. Each item also has note, quantity and weight fields. Mass change features allow you to edit lists more easily.





Group by location or luggage to make packing a breeze

You can group items by location and luggage when you start packing. It will automatically calculate the total weight for each luggage if you entered weight for items.






Email lists

You may also email and share your lists. Printing out a copy of the lists helps you in case of lost luggage.




ID-100192399_thumb1Syncing/sharing lists between devices and users(Discontinued)


This feature has been discontinued. Please check out our newly redesigned app - Packing List 2.




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