● Why can’t I login to Opus–Task Helper or Packing List 2 using my existing account?

January 9, 2024 at 6:06 PMAdministrator

Opus – Task Helper and Packing List 2 are the revamped edition of the original Chore Checklist and Packing List apps. Please note that they utilize a different cloud service, requiring users to create a new account.

As a thank you to previous users of the paid version of Chore Checklist and Packing List, registering with the new apps automatically removes Ads. Additionally, we offer a seamless data migration process from the old apps to the new ones. Learn how to migrate your data by watching our video tutorial on YouTube. Ensure a smooth transition to the improved versions of our apps with these helpful steps. This tutorial is for migrating the packing lists, but the process is similar for migrating the chore checklists.

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