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Opus - Task Helper is an intuitive task management app that aims to streamline your task management experience at home or any other location. With its user-friendly features and enhanced functionality, Opus simplifies task tracking and helps you stay on schedule.

Key Features:

Efficient Task Tracking

Opus records the completion date of each task and calculates the next due date based on your preferences. Say goodbye to missed deadlines and confusion, and stay on top of your responsibilities effortlessly.

Automatic Reset

Enjoy a fresh start for recurring chores with Opus' automatic reset feature. Daily chores reset after midnight (or any hour you specify in "Preferences"). For weekly, monthly, or other recurring tasks, progress is reset based on customizable conditions for optimal efficiency. Check out the "Automatic Reset" section in the Help menu for more details.

Customizable Task Details

Tailor each chore to your specific requirements. Opus allows you to set start/end dates, reminders, progress tracking, and notes for every task. Personalize your tasks to suit your unique preferences and stay organized in your own way.

Multiple List Creation

Create multiple lists within Opus to categorize tasks effectively. Whether it's chores at home, work-related tasks, or special projects, you can effortlessly manage them all in one app. Combine multiple lists in the "Due Date View" to have a comprehensive overview, sorted by due dates, for seamless task management.

Auto Sync

Opus offers the convenience of auto sync, ensuring your task lists are always up to date across multiple devices. With this feature, any changes made to your tasks or lists on one device will automatically sync and reflect on all your connected devices.

Share Lists with Other Users

Collaboration made easy! Opus enables you to share your task lists with other users, promoting teamwork and shared responsibility. Whether it's managing household chores with family members or coordinating tasks with colleagues, simply invite others to join your list and keep everyone on the same page. Enjoy effortless task delegation, real-time updates, and improved productivity with the ability to collaborate and share lists within the app.

Experience the joy of a well-organized life with Opus - Task Helper. Download now and take control of your tasks like never before!

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